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Ribbon Cuttings

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is a free service that the Carbon County Chamber offers to all new incoming businesses and member relocations.  We work with ETV News to bring you a ribbon-cutting ceremony where your business will receive; a flyer advertisement (approved by you), Social media advertisement, event setup and execution, and an article with pictures of the event to appear in ETV News. It is suggested that these Ribbon Cutting events take place around lunchtime, or at the end of the workday, in order to encourage more individual participation. If you do not have a physical location we have partnered with the Business Technical Assistant Center (BTAC) to host a ribbon-cutting at their facility.

To help you understand the chamber process and for a smooth ribbon-cutting experience please note the following information.

The Chamber will arrive 15 minutes early for set up. We provide the ribbons, scissors, a chamber banner, and a framed certificate for the business owner to keep. At the scheduled start time, we will ask all in attendance to gather behind the ribbon and those the owner has designated to cut/hold the ribbon. We will then go live on our Chamber Facebook Page and proceed with the cutting. There will be a countdown from 3 and then the cutter will cut the ribbon. The President of the Chamber will then present the owner with their certificate and ask the owner to share some words about the business. The Chamber is responsible for all clean up pertaining to the Ribbon cutting. The chamber offers the above service for Free to the community. Other entities such as radio stations or event promoters may approach you to be a part of the ribbon-cutting, which is often a fun way to make an even more exciting event, however, this is not a service the Chamber offers.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the Chamber at any time.

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